I'm $41,054 in the hole. I've maxed

out 4 credit cards. 


This is my last roll of the dice…




By the end of this post I'm going to show you a little known method to build an online business that actually makes you money consistently.


It's used by the top earners… Making $1K in 30 days is not that hard when the right method is applied…


But first this is how I discovered it: 



After almost 8 years of dabbling around in Internet Marketing…

buying and trying almost any "shiny guru program" out there. 



…the shocking results are very clear:



– I've hit rock bottom with a debt of $41,054.


debt (3)


I'm sitting at home looking at this amassed mountain of debt.



It seems insurmountable… and I'm wondering if I ever will be able to pay it off.



…where and how did I fail to succeed?




It's like a feeling of being stuck. Not knowing what to

do or how to do it… feels like the more I read and study the more confused I get…. ( fortunately I've discovered the cause )




On the top of that, I'm worried about losing my current job.

I've always felt secure at my fireman job…



…but there are rumors about getting "more effectiveness"

out of us. (A nicer word for downsizing)



" What am I going to do? " 



6 months ago I gave my wife and myself an ultimatum:



" Look, if I can't get this IM thing to work one last time,

I'll throw in the towel, and we will just have to get by

living a mediocre and uncertain life "



But first, there's some hope at the end of the tunnel…


It was like something inside kept me going, and was telling

me not to give up… to keep on going for that dream life.



About that same time I stumbled upon Andre Chaperon's  TLB program… a program that teaches you how to build small and sustainable online businesses – businesses that you can count on.



As I was reading through his sale page… still a bit skeptical

from all the other "guru" programs I've "fallen for"  in the past…



I could not help to notice that…



Andre's program was quite different than what I've seen before…


It was not about getting rich quick… something I've tried before.



Rather it was about getting rich slow… by failing quickly, 

learning from your mistakes and adjusting them.



… in other words… test & tweak as you go.



He was teaching something quite opposite from everybody 

else… and it was as a light-bulb went off in my 

dark apartment room…



Instead of finding a product that sells like hot cakes on

ClickBank or Jvzoo and sending traffic to it…



Andre started by finding a hungry "pocket of people" 

having a desperate problem they want solved…






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