Mission statement for AffiliateTopDog.Com



Hi, my name is Ole Didriksen,

founder of  http://www.affiliatetopdog.com




…and this site was set up for the simple mission

to help people in the same shoes as my self…



To build yourself an online business that can

be counted on as a sustainable means of income.



A business that crushes your debt and gives you

the Freedom you deeply know you can have

and deserve.



An evergreen business like that is built on just 3

Time tested principles that never fail:



1.  Find a hungry market.

       – a market that’s desperate for a solution to their problem.



2.  Get to know your market – and what they really want buy.

        – “ The one that knows his market/customer the best – wins ”



3.  Present the solutions to your market – without selling.





It’s not a make money quick business… but rather make money slowly and scaling up – by testing & tweaking.



Testing & tweaking :



Is Based on customer feedback ( What your buyers want )

then simply tweak your solution to fit what they want.



Read About How To acheive All This…



( By Clicking Here )




See you on the inside 🙂


Ole Didriksen