… just presenting them with any product that

could solve their specific problem…



In other words… knowing exactly what people want 

to buy… and giving it to them. A total new approach!



So, 6 months ago I bought Andre's TLB program, 

and I went through it…  (still a bit afraid I'd again bought

just another program that would end up on the dust shelf)



Untitled drawing


It was delivered in weekly steps going over 6 months.



I have to admit that it was an eye opener …



…and this time it was like something telling me:


"This is it! This is what you should do…

– this will finally work!"



Now after completion of the program I'm asking

myself this question:



"What if I commit to implement what I've learned from

Andre and stick with it this time, even when it gets rough?"



After asking myself that question, it was like something

shifted on the inside, and I don't feel that stuck anymore… there's obviously power in focusing on the one thing.







I've added up the numbers,  and I need to make 

$1000 in 30 days to be able to pay off the

credit card debt due.



Look, I know if I can succeed doing that…



I can scale it up to a sustainable online business that I 

can count on… making enough to pay off the $50 K debt 

and replace my current job income.



It would give me the Freedom to quit my job whenever I would like to,

even though I happen to love my job.



The sudden uncertainty to be made reduntant 

at my work made me want to make this work out

even more.  


So that's why…



I'm ready to give it my all, as it's my last shot to make it.



So… I'm going to follow the TLB course to the tee, 

even though it will be tough, I'll stay with it this time.



This time…



…when I'm tempted to throw in the towel, I'll keep going!

Stamping my foot down onto the floor "BANG!", taking a

stand for my wife and myself that's saying:


" I'll have to manage my "addiction" and say NO to

new shiny "guru" programs hitting my inbox.


… Enough playing… just action and commitment to one thing!"



Meaning, I will have to set up a website…



1.  — Write a sales letter…



2.  — Create an email list and collect emails…



3.  — Send follow-up emails…



4.  — Drive the "right kind of traffic" to it…



…then test & tweak the whole thing to get sales and conversions



One major problem though…



FaceBook decided to close down my 

advertisement account just like that…


… and they say: "You can never open it again, pal."



So I'll have to face that too down the road…



Hard.. Yes!



…but worth it at the end when I've most likely have set 

up a successful online business I can count on…



…if I can resist giving up this time!



The good news is that I now have Andre Chaperon as my

Coach, and he is giving me some directions…



So anyhow, you can follow my "New" road to success 

( and hopefully not failure ) by filling in your details below…


I'll call it — The $1K30 Challenge   



One thing is for sure, you will learn a tonne,

from seeing me taking the bullets.



The reason why I want to share this $1K30 Challenge with

you is that it will keep me motivated… and keeping me from

throwing in the towel when it gets though!



So with that being said…



You'll be able to take a look over my shoulder as I go.



On Fridays and over the weekdays…



I'll send you an email updating you what I've done 

and not done the current week…



…and most importantly what worked and what didn't.



I'm feeling a bit excited and scared at the same time…



…a bit worried about if I'll be successful this time, and not 

look like an idiot wasting even more time and money.



The first thing I'm going to do though, 

is to find…


A hungry crowd of buyers…

— That will buy any affiliate product on ClickBank or Jvzoo!



Not a product that's hot and selling…



See how I find them and the next steps inside!



(Click here to contiunue…)