Hi there, 


What I am about to tell you about this shotgun and this bullseye may forever change the way you approach making money online.



Whether you are selling other people's products as an affiliate or your own… maybe both?



Because the truth is…



…that you are currently, right now using the shotgun and the bullseye either to your advantage or disadvantage…



But first here is the story about how I discovered this "new" Secret and the solution…



My name is Ole and I've been dabbling around this Internet marketing thing now for about 7 years. I've been coached by great coaches such as Alex JeffreysVic Strizheus and Jason Nyback.



… but before I discovered the secret (some 8 years later) you too are about to discover … what I learned from them did not make any sense to me first.



It only started to work after I applied this secret to everything they taught me.



Oh… and if you are selling or promoting things online, you are by definition an internet/online marketer too. 



If you are anything like me, you too have been trying to get this Internet marketing mystery to work out for you… working out… means actually making money from it. 






You want to "prove" to yourself, friends and family that you can do this and be successful. Making them wonder how in the world you are doing it… while they are stuck in their 9-5 jobs. 


–  To get an end to friends talking behind your back about "When will he grow up?"



You desire to make enough to replace your income from your current job, that you most likely don't enjoy that much. 



Achieving the above would give you a sense of freedom and a sense of admiration from your friends and family. 



Actually I'm quite lucky as I work as a fireman and enjoy my work, as I get to be helpful and be of use… but lately an unforeseen problem I never thought I would have to face surfaced…



As you might know…



A fireman's job is usually a safe bet job, right? I thought so too… when suddenly the department has been forced from the guys above to be more efficient. 

( A nice word for downsizing )



So while my job is quite safe… it's not that safe anymore. As never before I felt the pressure and uncertainty of being made redundant at my work. 



It's quite tough… and you start to think about what you will be doing without a job.



Will you have to suck it up and get a new job where you only will look forward to every Friday and hate every Monday? 



It's terrible to fall asleep each night, knowing that you have to wake up in a few hours and go pay your dues at a place you dread. 




The only hope is Fridays… 



But I don't want a life like that for myself and my wife!



That's what made me more "serious" than ever to figure out the right and new way to finally make money with an online business. 



It was enough with the playing around kind of thing… somehow I felt like I had done just that past the last 7 years.



Something had to change and this time I knew it would be hard… no doubt about it!



But the bomb was yet to be dropped…


While sitting down wanting to feel sorry for myself for being "a failure" only having made dimes on my online businesses over the past 7 years…



… such as on Adsense sites, information product sites and promoting affiliate products… I just needed to know how and where I went wrong.



It reminds me of the old saying:



"If you want to solve a problem, go back to the root of it"



So I tucked together the last pieces of my manly ego and invited my loving wife to help me look over my past failures for any clues. 



I needed to know why I had failed and failed… if I ever was to fix it.



She has always been there for me and given me her unconditional support. 



I can't help to admire her… she has never given up on me even though I wanted to give up on myself and throw in the towel. She has been the "keep going honey" driving force. 



I'm glad I listened to her and kept on going, because if I had given up, I wouldn't have found the solution…



The deep reason why marketers like you and me are missing the mark online… causing you to not make enough or any money online on your business.



As painful it was to admit, I've spent a lot of money in the past 7 years buying almost every "how to make money online" product from every Guru Dollar X, Y and Z out there…



Each time when buying their products… feeling a refreshed feeling of hope, that this time I'll be successful, this time I'll finally make money online. 


"Order the champagne, honey! I've finally found an amazing product that will make us rich"






…if I could get a dollar as they say, for every time I felt that way and thought that this or that new guru program would make me rich… I guess I would be rich.



Sadly I did not get the dollars… just dimes.



So back to the bomb…  



My wife suddenly asked me this pressing question:



"How much money in total have you spent in the last 7 years on make money online programs?"



This was a can of worms I really did not want to open…



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